Insurance Companies

Who can you trust?

This is the dilemma of all insurance providers who rely upon third party vendors for expertise in claims management. You are confident in your own personnel but are always skeptical of contractors and consultants. Your instincts are well founded! An inaccurate comparative estimate or expert opinion is both counterproductive and damaging to the claims process. You need fast, accurate and friendly services to retain your customers.

Many contractors and consultants simply have little expertise or even foundational knowledge of the claims process, or even the very idea of indemnity. A constitution of knowledge is required to provide these services, and to do so with the highest degree of accuracy. The Poundstone Consulting Group has been providing comparative estimation for 13 years, expert opinion and appraisal services for 8 years. We are recognized by a multitude of insurance carriers as being professional and accurate. We offer several professional services to insurance providers, and we are a preferred vendor. Most importantly, we are an expert you can rely on!